The crew of the Southern Star is pleased to announce that it is that time once again to celebrate the annual Blessing of the Fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is held once a year as a way to give thanks and ask God for a bountiful and safe season for those who brave the waters off the coast of the beautiful white beaches of Destin and the surrounding areas. This year, a short tent service will be held on the docks at Destin’s Fishing Fleet Marina, followed by a processional by the Pastors responsible for the blessing service. Following the blessing, there will be a fish fry on the dock. If you are interested in attending the blessing, the service will start on Thursday, May 9th at 4:00pm, followed by the processional, then the fish fry. In addition to the Blessing of the fleet, there will be several other related events beginning with the Blessing of the Families on May 5th and ending with a celebration on May 11th to celebrate the Blessing of the Destin HarborWalk Village.