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A world of discovery

Like fish in a emerald water

Destin, Florida is in a class by itself: fishing, food, fabulous beaches …

By Sophie Gagnon

A World of Discovery By French-Canadian Writer, Sophie Gagnon

Its quartz sand whiter than white and emerald water gave its name to the region nestled in a flakes all northwest
Gulf of Mexico, are sufficient to describe the Emerald Coast jewel of Florida. But there is so much more in this area
which most Snowbirds are unaware. It is indeed a favorite spot for those who love fish in every way: in their eyes,
on their plate, the museum and, of course, at the end of their line.

At the end of the line the city of Destin is known throughout Florida, and even globally to provide an opportunity
for fishermen. It also has the most large fleet of fishing Florida. So many reasons to offer this fishing trip on the high
seas that are dream for so long but we has not yet dared to pay in other southern destinations for fear of return

This is a fishing experience real adventure. For our small group climbed aboard a boat of 14 m, surprise was complete:
a very rough sea even in good weather and many fish that were really sport back, as muscles my arms reminded me
the next day! And that’s not counting swallowed taken to the sly by smart dolphin then we trace our lines, arching
canes were our focus circumflex then decamped immediately. You could hear almost mocking us…

“The best time to fish Destin is in the red snapper season (red snapper) in June, says Scotty namely, one of the
experienced members the crew. At this time, it rejects water fish 5 kg and is designed to return to port with catches
of 10 kg and more. “For those who love the show docks at the time of return fishing boats, October is the best choice,
since then stands Fate Fishing Rodeo, a fishing tournament very run since 1948.

In the plate
Back after six hours on the high seas crew has fish nets and, with some of that booty, we went straight to the
restaurant Fisherman’s Wharf, with the slogan you hook it, we cook it. Indeed, the specialty this restaurant is
cooking fish caught by customers. There is served fried, grilled or blackened, with several accompaniments,
including hush puppies, balls of cornmeal fries are a specialty regional. Certainly, there is not best fish that we
have just fish!

Moreover, good restaurants Destin preparing this delicate meat to perfection, that is to say, simply , without
distorting with fat jokes or frying to excess is often deplored elsewhere in our southern neighbors.

Before our eyes
This region is also a feast for the eyes of those who love fish alive. After a pleasant stroll along
the boardwalks Harborwalk Village, you can climb aboard a cruise time of sunset. The dolphins are present
announced the appointment in large numbers and it is good to see them doing their pirouettes a stone’s throw
of the boat, all liberté. Les lovers will also want to visit the Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach, 10 minutes from Destin.
We can then, for an extra charge, swimming with stingrays and hammerhead sharks, or for the less adventurous,
watch other visitors to experiment! The museum …

In this region, even a bike ride turns into a discovery of the treasures of the sea along with Bicycle Rental
Destin Bike Tours offers a guided tour of Destin before the tourist boom of the past three decades. No fear to be
effortlessly side, because the pace is slow, stops, frequent and the highest “mountain” Destin … rises to 16 m above
the sea level! Circuit, beautifully guided that day there by Mike Shoults, a businessman rooted in Destin and passionate
history, travels the neighborhoods, flirts with the Choctawhatchee Bay and its bayous, stops at the port and a fish full
of fish and shrimp premises. Another essential stop is cute and Fish Destin History Museum where, one suspects, the
fish is in the spotlight. “The village was founded by Leonard Destin, a master fisherman in 1845,” says among other
adorable Jean Melvin, mother of our bike guide and equally enamored of his city as him. She then shows us fishing
lines, motors and sonar ancestors of today, not to mention many stuffed fish. The centerpiece is a snapper which sits in
the museum since 1985, its heavy 21 kg, a world record!

Divine Beach
At the time of the trigger, it is like fish in the crystal clear waters of the Emerald Coast and it is good to plant his
umbrella in the sugar white sand of the beaches that have nothing to envy to those of Antilles.
The whiteness of the sand comes from the presence of quartz in sediments from the Appalachians and
transported by the various courses of water before being deposited on the coast of northwest Florida.
The same quartz explains the slight “squish – squish” under our feet when walking on the
white carpet, which also has the advantage of never burn your feet.

Namely • There is no direct flight from Quebec to Valparaiso Fort Walton Beach Regional Airport. Delta offers flights from
Montreal to transfer to Atlanta. • The average maximum temperature is 17 ° C in December, January 15 ° C , 18 ° C in
February and 22 ° C in March. • Who wants to escape the crowds and the hot weather, September and October are the
perfect months to stay in this area.

The east side of Destin, do not miss to go to Henderson State Park, a large area consisting of a particular range of 2 km,
the best choice for tourists with accommodation does not give access to a beach. We went to sea on boardwalks to
avoid damaging the fragile coastal dunes, another treasure this park protects. By taking the footpath, we see near the
vines growing on the dunes and shrubs typical of this ecosystem, including dwarf pine trees. This park has a camping
60 sites for tents and RVs, with all the amenities. In Destin, especially if you choose to visit this city outside of the peak
summer season, you can rent a beautiful condo right on the beach at very reasonable prices. The supply of condos also
seems more abundant and diverse than hotel rooms. And, as a bonus, this type of accommodation offers the possibility
to cook your own meals, starting, of course, with fresh fish!

Sophie Gagnon was invited by the Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau ,, 1 800 322-3319 .
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