Interesting Facts About the Dolphin

Dolphins, also called porpoises, are oceanic mammals that tend to have a perky and fun nature, as well as incredibly smart brains for an animal other than a human. There are numerous dolphins that live the world over, however, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is the most generally known and the most common. Here are some [...]

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The World of The Dolphin

The World of The Dolphin   Everyone knows it by its unique ways of communication and it’s playful nature… the dolphin. Dolphins make up a unique group of aquatic mammals. They cover the expanse of about 40 species which tend to prefer warmer waters and a diet comprised of mainly fish or squid. Some larger [...]

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Crazy Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are amazing creatures that we not only love to go see, but to talk about as well. To see dolphins in person, join the the Southern Star for one of its original dolphin cruises! Until then, enjoy some crazy facts about dolphins!   Detector Perfector We’ve talked before about how precise the echolocation skills [...]

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Getting to know the Killer Whale

When hearing the name killer whale, we often associate them entertainment, such as attractions and movies, and we also tend to associate them with whales. The killer whales, also known as orcas, are actually more related to dolphins than they are to whales, since they are in the same family as dolphins. Since not a [...]

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Getting To Know the Bottlenose Dolphin

For many years, humans have looked out into the ocean and have seen mammals, just like us, that live in the water. These mammals are dolphins, and include different species of dolphins all around the world, some types of whales, like killer whales, and most importantly, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins we get to see in [...]

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9 Fun Facts about Dolphins

For many millennia, man has looked out to the sea to see the playful dolphin do acrobatic tricks in water, leaving man in awe of what these creatures were capable of performing. As man grew smarter and evolved into what and how we are today, we have taken to the waters to more closely study [...]

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Dolphins to the Ancients

To the Greeks, dolphins were viewed as helpers to humankind and a sign of good things to come. It was even punishable by death if one was killed intentionally. It is said that Poseidon used dolphins as the messengers of the seas, so sailors considered seeing dolphins in the wake of their ships an omen [...]

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Four Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Dolphins

Whether or not you’ve ever seen a dolphin, you’ve probably heard a lot about their intelligence, playfulness, or anatomy, but here are 4 facts about dolphins that you probably didn’t know! Mixed Up Senses Dolphins use sound as their primary way to “see.” They make clicking sounds that bounce off objects and come back to [...]

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Fun Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins, otherwise known as porpoises, are aquatic mammals that are known for their playful nature and amazingly high intellect for a species other than human. While there are many dolphins that live around the globe, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is the most widely known and recognized. Here are some fun facts that you may or [...]

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Dolphins around the Gulf Of Mexico

There are many types of dolphins all throughout the world, but how many different kinds call the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding waters their home? The most popular is the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, but what other kinds of dolphins are swimming nearby waters of the Gulf? Here’s a look at some of the other [...]

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