The Three Best Family Friendly Activities To Do In Destin

Destin is a lovely beach vacation town. In the past, Destin has been a hotspot for party people and beach goers alike, however, in recent years Destin has seen a decrease in the young, party seeker population and an increase in families coming to visit. As such, businesses has geared themselves for more family friendly [...]

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Learning Even More About Dolphins

We love dolphins and we admire how friendly they are, not only to each other, but to other species and creatures, like humans, for example. While we may not know everything there is to know about dolphins yet, because they keep surprising us more and more every day, there is a lot we do know [...]

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Learning More About Dolphins

Dolphins continue to amaze us every day, and we want to bring you more fun facts about our favorite sea animals. For starters, did you know that there are more than forty different species of dolphins swimming in the oceans? Did you know some whales, like killer whales, are actually dolphins? Enjoy learning even more [...]

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Top Three Things For Families To Do In Destin

There is plenty to do when you arrive at the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin, however it may be a so much so that it could be overwhelming. A vacation is about rest and relaxation, not about stressing on what to do next. Over the past few years, Destin has seen a decline in [...]

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Dolphins and Science: Part 2

Dolphins & Science: Part 2   More Advanced Than We Thought Porpoise-able Before on our blog, we’ve talked about how dolphins are able to identify themselves in mirrors based on a 2001 study conducted at the New York Aquarium. The mirror self-recognition test, often called the mirror test for short, was developed in the 1970s [...]

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Dolphins & Science

Dolphins & Science Before on our blog, we have shared quite a few fun and interesting facts about dolphins, and these recent scientific breakthroughs involving dolphins aren’t any different! Dolphins are incredibly smart animals that have their own language and plan out hunting trips. Researchers keep making new discoveries about these beautiful creatures every day, [...]

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Dolphins, Dolphins, and More Dolphins

Dolphins, Dolphins, and More Dolphins!   What is a Dolphin?   Did you know that dolphins, or Tursiops, are actually air breathing mammals just like you and me? Well, dolphins, although they live in the water, breach the surface to breathe air through their blowholes. You may even see dolphin calves taking their first gulps [...]

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Dolphin Fun

Dolphin Fun   Dolphins are a creature as old as time itself. No one quite knows how old this species is but it dates back centuries ago. Can you imagine being one of the first people alive to see this magnificent creature? Most of the time dolphins live out in the depths of the ocean [...]

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Interesting Facts About the Dolphin

Dolphins, also called porpoises, are oceanic mammals that tend to have a perky and fun nature, as well as incredibly smart brains for an animal other than a human. There are numerous dolphins that live the world over, however, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is the most generally known and the most common. Here are some [...]

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The World of The Dolphin

The World of The Dolphin   Everyone knows it by its unique ways of communication and it’s playful nature… the dolphin. Dolphins make up a unique group of aquatic mammals. They cover the expanse of about 40 species which tend to prefer warmer waters and a diet comprised of mainly fish or squid. Some larger [...]

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