We know you love dolphins just as much, so we have put together even more fun dolphin facts for you to enjoy and learn! For even more on dolphins, read other posts in our blog, and to see them in the wild, their natural habitat, join us for a Destin dolphin cruise!


Dolphins actually use more of their lung capacity than humans when they breathe. It is estimated that the average human replaces about fifteen percent of fresh air every time we take a breath, while dolphins replace around ninety percent of the air in their lungs when they surface and take a breath.


Some dolphins, particularly in the dusky and spinner species of dolphins, can leap a whole twenty feet out of the water! The spinner dolphin actually got its name due to the heights they reach and the acrobatics that they perform while airborne.


Scientists believe that dolphins do not dream. Studies have shown that dolphins don’t ever fall into a deep sleep, particularly so that they can not only get their rest but so that they can also remain somewhat alert in case a predator lurks nearby. This shows that when a dolphin sleeps, or rather, rests, it puts half of the brain to sleep and keeps the other half aware.


Dolphins are believed to be self aware, shown from passing the mirror test. The mirror test is a test to see if an animal can recognize themself inside or a mirror. Not only does the dolphin recognize themselves, they love to admire themselves, too.


Dolphins were seen as sacred being to many different cultures. The Greece, in particular, admired the dolphins so much, that killing a dolphin was actually a crime punishable by death. The Romans thought that dolphins would carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife, so images of dolphins are common in Roman places of burial.


Narwhals are actually considered dolphins. They live in colder waters and can grow gigantic horns protruding from their head, similar to that of a unicorn. Upon inspection, the horn is actually made out of ivory. The narwhal only live in the Greenland Sea and Baffin Bay, as they were often poached for their tusks.


Science and studies also show that dolphins have the longest memory in the entire animal kingdom.

Dolphins have a blowhole to breathe in water and push out water that enters their bodies. This is important, because it only takes a tablespoon of water inside a dolphin’s lungs to cause it to drown. A human can only withstand two tablespoons of water in their lungs before they drown.


There are forty species of dolphins living around the world, with most of them in the ocean and five species that can be found in rivers.