lettersize_fooddriveHarborWalk Village Honors Local Hero “Food for Thought”

The HarborWalk Village is honoring a local organization, Food for Thought, as hero of the week at their Red, White & Blue Celebration on Thursday the 22nd.

Many children in our schools face the fact, and the fear, that they may not have enough food to eat over the weekends and holidays. The mission of Food for Thought is to “ to enable children to focus on their development and education by removing the fear and insecurity that comes from not knowing if they will get enough to eat, and, in some cases, knowing that they will not.”

“This is our 3rd year at Food For Thought Outreach, Inc.” say founder, Tiffanie Shelton. “We serve school children facing food insecurity in our community. These children live in homes without enough food to eat and they depend on the school for free or reduced meals. We feed these children healthy, easy to prepare food using a backpack program every Friday. We also provide food to these families during the holiday and summer break.”

Food for Thought is helping children at Destin Elementary, Butler Elementary, Bay Elementary, and Emerald Coast Middle School. Over 900 students qualify for the program in these schools.

As part of the celebration, HarborWalk Village will accept and present food donations at the ceremony on Thursday. Merchants of HarborWalk Village who would like to contribute food item(s) from this list below can also bring them to the HarborWalk Village office above the Marina Store. Please have them delivered to the offices before 6:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Suggested Foods are:

Peanut Butter
Pop Top Soup, Tuna and Chicken
Granola Bars
Packaged Crackers
Fruit Cups
*Glass Containers cannot be accepted

The Southern Star is also offering $5.00 off any regular priced adult ticket for anyone that donates a food item between now and Thursday. They will have a collection bin at their ticket booth, too.

Food for Thought depends on the support of local businesses, residents, events and grants to fund the organization. “We use over 3,000 food items every month and always need donations. You can help!” Shelton says. The organization plans to expand their services during this school year.

“We are only able to make this program work because of our incredible volunteers. We need generous food donations, strong arms to load delivery vehicles, and friendly faces to help distribute the backpacks.” If you wish to help them or see all that Food for Thought is doing visit http://foodforthoughtfl.org/

The HarborWalk Village Red, White & Blue Celebration on this Thursday, August 22nd, will prove to be a special one with everyone being able to help a local hero and local children. Come and enjoy the festivities and enjoy knowing that you can help by donating food pantry items. Or enjoy the Southern Star cruise with a 5.00 discount simply by donating a food item today and tomorrow!