Harvest American Presents Francesca Battistelli live in concert at the HarborWalk Village

Francesca Battistelli with Harvest America will be in concert at the Emerald Grande at the Harborwalk stage on Sept 28th at 6PM-9PM. The concert is free to everyone. Greg Laurie will be the guest speaker via live stream. Special guest with Francesca Battistelli will be “Shake the City.”

National Recording artist, Francesca Battiselli, is a three GMA Dove Awards nominee.  Battiselli’s music displays influences of jazz, rock, gospel and R&B. It is her beautifully ‘nuanced voice’ however, that brings it all together in a soulful music that touches the heart. Some of her widely loved songs are:  ‘Free To Be Me, It’s Your Life, and Paper Heart.

Battiselli relates a story about her song, It’s Your Life: “I was on tour with Mercy Me, signing autographs after the show,” she says. “A girl came up with nothing to sign. She just shook my hand and told me she’d heard ‘It’s Your Life’ on the finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8. She said, ‘I really liked the song and so I went and found your record. It helped me to come to know Christ.’ She said, ‘Thank you’ and squeezed my hand and walked away.”

Special guests with Francesca will be Shake the City.  Locals are privileged to see the performance of Shake the City in the area. Shake the City is a combination of Australians and American’s and consist of worship leaders, youth pastors, song writers and musicians. They love music, God’s grace and God’s presence and their desire is “uniting together as one voice with a passion for God and this generation.”

Greg Laurie, who will be via live stream, brings together the real purpose of the artists and performers in this fantastic concert and that is to bring a clear gospel message to impact a nation that is desperate for hope!

“I have one simple objective: to take as many people to heaven with me as possible!”

Over 4,405,000 people have attended Harvest Crusades in person. Over 1,319,400 have watched the live webcasts. Because of their attendance, over 370,900 people have registered decisions of faith in Jesus Christ!

This event is being brought to the Emerald Coast area by the Church of Destin. The Church of Destin is actually comprised of 16 local churches that collaborate to host special events in the area. One event is the Annual Week of Blessings that occurs every spring.

Join in this evangelistic crusade! Mark your calendar and bring your friends to this live and free concert on Saturday the 28th. If you wish to help promote the event as well contact The Church of Destin for materials or go to

If you would like to volunteer, or join in prayer for this great crusade, a Volunteer & Prayer Meeting is being held Sunday, Sept 22nd at 3p at Coastline Calvary Chapel (310 Mountain rive). Or Contact [email protected] to volunteer and participate in the needs of this event.