We love dolphins and we admire how friendly they are, not only to each other, but to other species and creatures, like humans, for example. While we may not know everything there is to know about dolphins yet, because they keep surprising us more and more every day, there is a lot we do know and want to share with you. Here are some more facts about dolphins.


Caring Creatures

While we previously mentioned in our last blog about how dolphins care for their young for many years as they grow up, and how dolphins stay in pods and take care of their sick, injured, and old members, dolphins do much more than that. Many news articles have shown dolphins going out of their way to protect humans. In one story, after a shark was spotted in the water near some recreational swimmers, dolphins quickly rushed to the swimmer’s aide and swam in a circular formation around the swimmers, warding off the shark from making any advances or attacks on the swimmers. The dolphins stayed with the swimmers and swam circles around them until they were able to get were able to get to safety.


Plenty of Species

There are around forty different species of dolphins in the waters around the world. Most are found in the ocean, like the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin found in the Atlantic Ocean and waters like the Gulf of Mexico, while some are actually found in rivers or brackish waters, River Dolphin and the South Asian River Dolphin. Some whales, like the Killer Whale and the Short-Finned and Long-Finned Pilot Whales. The smallest species of dolphins are around three to four feet long, while the largest species of dolphins, generally Killer Whales, can grow up to thirty feet long, about as long as a bus!


Can Migrate If Needed

Dolphins are not classified as a migratory animal, meaning that they don’t typically move around much and stay in one location and call that location their home. However, if their needs aren’t met, such as not having sufficient food or the climates conditions are not suitable for their bodies, they may migrate to a new location that will better serve as their home, for food and for temperature.


Delicate Skin

The skin of a dolphin is very delicate, and although they have a lot of blubber, they can get injured very easily, even with a slight touch of a hard surface. Although their skin is delicate, they have a remarkable healing factor that can allow even deep wounds to heal quickly.


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