Dolphins continue to amaze us every day, and we want to bring you more fun facts about our favorite sea animals. For starters, did you know that there are more than forty different species of dolphins swimming in the oceans? Did you know some whales, like killer whales, are actually dolphins? Enjoy learning even more about the wonderful dolphins!


Strong Swimmers

While dolphin’s swimming speeds are between three and seven miles an hour, dolphins are known to swim up to twenty miles an hour. This speed allows them to catch prey, fish, and gather enough speed to launch out of the water.



Dolphins are known to live up to fifty years, greatly surpassing the average life expectancy of seventeen years.


Living in Pods

Dolphins calves will stay with their mothers anywhere from three years to eight years. This is considered a long time compared to other animals. Dolphins will also intensively take care of any members of their pod that are sick, old, or injured to make sure they stay healthy.


Dolphins Actually Have Two Stomachs

Yes, it’s true, dolphins use two stomachs. Although dolphins have a thick layer of fat, or blubber, that is not necessarily used as nutrition for the mammal. Food is actually stored in one stomach while the other stomach handles food processing.


Deep Divers

Dolphins do remain close to the surface, since they do breathe oxygen like other mammals on the planet, however they are known to dive to great depths. Dolphins can dive up to a thousand feet under the water’s surface, and the change in pressure doesn’t seem to bother them much.


Teeth Are For Show

While dolphins do have teeth, they actually don’t use them as most other animals do. Since most other animals’ teeth are designed for chewing and ripping shredding, the dolphin’s teeth are specifically designed to catch their prey. Once caught, they swallow their food whole.


Intelligent Creatures

As it is no surprise that dolphins are intelligent creatures, their intellect doesn’t seem to stop impressing us. Aside from learning, showing signs of reason, and showing signs of self awareness, scientists have also shown that dolphins actually have a naming system for each other. Although we may hear it as just whistling, certain whistling patterns are shown to indicated that dolphins name each other. Aside from that, dolphins show an interesting way of sleep. They sleep by making half of their brain inactive and half active. The inactive half rests, as the active half stays alert for any incoming predators and also regulates breathing for the dolphin while it is asleep.


There is many more facts to learn about the dolphin, but why not take a dolphin cruise and see them in their natural habitat? Join us for an unforgettable experience!