Did you know that we have a sister ship? We love our sister ship, the Buccaneer! A cruise on the Buccaneer is perfect for children to explore the seas and have fun. This beautiful boat is shaped and looks like a classic pirate ship, and the pirate crew knows how to have a good and fun time! From the moment you arrive at the dock, the fun begins, as you make your way towards the most unique looking vessel parked on the docks in the harbor. After you make your way on board and the boat sets sail, the fun and laughs continue to roll throughout the journey. The kids will have loads of fun with special activities such as safe, plastic sword fighting, water gun battles, face painting, swabbing the deck, and so much more! Lucky crews get a chance to go down and see the Captain’s treasure stored down below deck, while the truly lucky pirates get to find and hoist up treasure during their voyage. It’s all happening on the Buccaneer! Check out the wonderful, the amazing, the unique Destin pirate cruise ship and Unlock the Treasure of Your Heart and Let Your Dreams Come True!