Dolphins are simply amazing creatures. They are said to be some of the most friendliest and smartest creatures in the world aside from humans, with friendly gestures, approachable behavior, and large brains that even show signs of reasoning. We, at the Southern Star, love that we can get so close to dolphins and can experience them almost every day out of the year. With over nine thousand dolphin sightings since the maiden voyage, we’ve seen plenty of dolphins. Here are some reasons why you should board the Southern Star for a dolphin cruise if you are excited about seeing dolphins in the wild.


The Southern Star is Highly Successful

The Southern Star has had over nine thousand successful voyages since the first voyage. This puts the success rate between ninety eight and ninety nine percent. The Southern Star has also been filmed by CNN’s Earthwatch, particularly to be an example to other boat operators on how to enjoy dolphin sightings without hurting or harassing them.


Kids Can Steer the Southern Star

During every voyage, the Southern Star sets a section of time to allow the children to come to the wheel and steer the ship. This provides for a great photo opportunity and provides an amazing memory for children about steering a large ship. The Southern Star allows for enough time for every child to spend time steering the ship during the cruise.


Facts About the Southern Star

The Southern Star is the largest and most comfortable boat for watching dolphins and dolphin excursions in the Destin Harbor. The boat is also air conditioned, has on board restrooms, has an upper deck for more area to see dolphins, and provide a higher view to see them better, and has a snack bar for refreshments.


Giving Back to the Community

We enjoy giving back to our community, not just our community, but our global community. At the time you and your family board the ship, we take a photo of you and your family. What you may not know, is that the proceeds we collect for the sale of the picture goes to help a number of local, national, and international charities.


Seeing Dolphins in the Wild is Better Than at A Theme Park

No matter how you put it, dolphins are animals that are better to be enjoyed than in captivity. Animals, like dolphins, inside theme parks are usually forced to perform unnatural tricks and often show signs of depression. Some theme parks even purchase dolphins that have been caught and shipped using cruel methods. You can stop supporting these theme parks by boycotting them, and choosing to enjoy dolphins in the wild, at safe distances, where they are not harmed or harassed by humans.