8.5 x 11 Rackcard photoAs Destin’s original dolphin cruise, The Southern Star has witnessed and participated in the growth and development of Destin and it’s historic harbor.  The staff and crew of the Southern Star is committed to the conservation and preservation of the Emerald Coast’s beautiful waters and beaches, and works hard to create a dolphin cruise and sailing experience that protects these beautiful creatures and their natural habitat.

The Southern Star believes that education is key to both conservation and getting the most out of your dolphin cruise adventure, and that every visitor aboard our cruises has a responsibility to be good environmental stewards. To that end, the staff and crew of both the Buccaneer and the Southern Star work hard to design an experience that respects the dolphins in their natural habitat and increases the viewer’s enjoyment.

Here are some of the ways you can be a good environmental stewards ( on the cruise and along the beaches):

    • Don’t harass, feed, or swim with the wild dolphins. Although they have a reputation for being friendly, they are still wild animals, and should be approached and treated with caution and respect.  Interactions with people change the way the dolphins interact with their natural surroundings, and leaves them vulnerable to people and predators.
  • By staying at least 50 yards away from the dolphins, we protect them from engines, propellers, and entanglement from fishing lines and hooks.  A pair of binoculars or a telephoto lens gives you an opportunity to view the dolphins “up close” with exposing them to additional danger.
  • Feeding the dolphins disrupts their ability to interact and socialize with their pods and social groups.
  • Disposing of garbage and recycling appropriately protects the dolphin and other wildlife from accidental ingestion and entanglement. Human garbage is one of the greatest threats to dolphin and other marine wildlife.

Think of your dolphin cruise as an invitation. These beautiful creatures are inviting you into their homes for a glimpse into their lives. By treating the water and the dolphins with the respect they deserve, you can do your part to ensure that future generations and visitors to the Emerald Coast will have the same opportunities to explore and experience these beautiful creatures.