Sail the Seas as a Fearsome Pirate

//Sail the Seas as a Fearsome Pirate

Sail the Seas as a Fearsome Pirate

Pirates, as we commonly know them, existed over three hundred years ago. These ships were filled with individuals who were tired of seeing rulers like kings and queens grow ever richer, while they made enough to barely make due after risking their life to transport cargo. To show their resentment, these sailor turned villains often sailed on ships together and stole cargo from other ships by force. While pirates were generally the “bad guys” of the past, presently, they show a fun role of creativity and adventure.


Our sister ship, the Buccaneer, allows kids to play as pirates in the role of creativity and adventure, minus the theft and scabies. The Buccaneer is a pirate ship look-alike, Coast Guard approved motor vessel that sails in the Destin Harbor with pirates for a crew and passengers looking for adventure. The ship can hold 149 passengers that are ready for fun and adventure. On your cruise, your little buccaneer will engage in sword fights, water gun battle, swabbing the decks, dance offs, and so much more. While the adults are encouraged to join in on the fun, there’s nothing wrong in sitting back and watching the kids have the time of their lives. The pirate crew and the little buccaneers might even find treasure during the voyage, so keep your eyes peeled!


The Buccaneer’s motto is “Unlock the Treasure of Your Heart and Let Your Dreams Come True.” The crew wants to make sure that every buccaneer sailing with them will always follow their dreams wherever they may take them, and to never stop believing in yourself.


You can get your tickets for an unforgettable pirate cruise filled with laughs and fun, right from our sister ship’s website. So get out there and have an adventure!

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