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Twenty Years of Comments

by Captain Steve Wilson capt_steve


This year marks the twenty year anniversary of Southern Star Dolphin Cruises. Who knew our vision would spark a whole new industry in Destin, FL?

Southern Star provides for my family, our community, and for the nations. You may know that we built a new ship called the Buccaneer. This is our second full year of service. Because our salaries are generated from the Southern Star, the Buccaneer provides a significant impact into our community and the nations.

We have enjoyed opportunities to dig wells, provide medicine, equip and train pastors, and to minister the Gospel throughout the world.

Our community, like yours, has so many needs. Last week, I sat in a meeting with several HarborWalk Village property executives. Afterwards, one of them mentioned, in casual conversation, Wendy and I giving a new-washer and dryer to an employee of theirs whose home had burned. I had forgotten. Last year, we became involved with Food for Thought, a local program that discreetly gives food to students for weekends, school holidays, and summer. I had no idea so many children went hungry in our backyard. Google it, and it will touch your heart.

Last year was an extraordinary year for us. Wendy and I redefined our personal goals. Instead of banking a million dollars into retirement, we pledge to bring a million children into the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to rock the world for Christ.

In 2013, One Hope, with our participation brought the Gospel to over 300,000 children—Extraordinary. By the way, One Hope is the largest mission organization you probably never heard of. They witnessed to over 80 million children last year alone. “Their goal is 2030: Every Child.” Google it, and you will like what you find.

We pledge even more this year. It still amazes me how God takes our skills and abilities, and couples them with his omnipotent abilities, and propels us to a new place that we would never fin on our own. 20140428_230547-1

We thank each of you who have sailed with us. We pray your cruise exceeded your expectations. We thank you for making our dreams come true, and most of all, for expanding the Kingdom of God.