OneHope_LogoOne Hope is an international Christian Ministry Organization that works to “ affect destiny by providing God’s eternal word to the children and youth of the world”.  Recently, Captain Steve and Wendy Wilson opened up the Southern Star to the internal staff and missionaries for a day of sightseeing, testimony, and spiritual growth. The motto of the Southern Star is “Expect A Miracle”, and those who work with One Hope expect one every day.

Recently, One Hope released the results of their comprehensive study designed to understand what children and youth deal with in their day to day life. The State of the World’s Children Study measured the impact of spirituality, family relationships, and media consumption on more than 150,000 children in 44 countries. For Captain Steve and Wendy and the staff and crew of the Southern Star, the biggest take away from the research is that family life is the most important influence on teen behavior. Regardless of family structure, positive familial experiences yield positive outcomes.  Aboard both the Southern Star and the The Buccaneer, families can have a fun. They can enjoy time together while exploring the beauty of the Emerald Coast. Creating positive family experience and memories has been a goal of the Southern Star since it launched in 1994.

Captain Steve and Wendy shared their testimony with the One Hope staff and missionaries, explaining that they always felt they were called to do God’s work. They discussed the challenges of Hurricane Opal, a fire that decimated the ship yard where the Southern Star was docked, and their calling to launch the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise last year.  The Destin Harbor is glad that the Wilson’s followed their big dreams, and you will be too when you board the Southern Star for a dolphin cruise unlike any other.  You can learn more about ONE HOPE.  You can watch the video about Steve and Wendy Wilson  here.