The World of The Dolphin


Everyone knows it by its unique ways of communication and it’s playful nature… the dolphin. Dolphins make up a unique group of aquatic mammals. They cover the expanse of about 40 species which tend to prefer warmer waters and a diet comprised of mainly fish or squid. Some larger species of dolphins tend to eat larger mammals such as seals.


How Big Can A Dolphin Get?


Dolphins range in size by each subspecies. The Maui Dolphin can be 5.6 feet long and weigh as much as 110 pounds. These dolphins tend to be relatively small compared to most of their counterparts. The Killer Whale, on the other hand, can range in size to about 31 feet long and weigh close to 11 short tons! Now that’s a big dolphin! The males or “bulls” of the group tend to be slightly larger than any females or “cows”.


What Is A Dolphin’s Body Composed Of?


Dolphins seem agile and graceful swimming through the water but have you ever looked at one closely? A dolphin has a streamlined body with two flippers. The frontal part of the dolphins head is rounded to make moving through the water a breeze. Did you know dolphins can travel up to 34 miles per hour?  They reach these speeds to catch fast moving prey or evade predators. Also, did you know that even if a dolphin is blinded, their innate sense of hearing can guide them both above and below the water?


How Many Dolphins Are There?


There are 40 different species of dolphin which means they can be quite common. Dolphins mate year round and produce offspring or “calves” in the spring or summer months. It is estimated that there are millions of each species of dolphin throughout the world. Dolphins grouped together form pods and large pods of dolphins that can range in size up to 1000 dolphins are known as superpods. These pods communicate through a unique series of vocalizations that range from shrill underwater whistles to sharp clicks. Nothing comes close to these smart and intriguing animals. Dolphins face three major threats to their population… human hunting, habitat loss, and pollution. Some of these threats can be avoided with our help and we can keep the dolphin population thriving.   


Where Are These Dolphins?


Dolphins tend to prefer warmer waters. The only exception being the Right Whale Dolphin which prefers a cooler temperature. This being said, dolphins can be found right here on the Gulf Coast of Florida in our warm waters. You may have seen these creatures depicted in films but have you ever wanted to experience dolphins up close? You’re in luck! Come and enjoy the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise today!  Get packing and grab the sunscreen for some dolphin watching! Remember to keep those eyes peeled as some dolphins can be very shy and hard to see. Others, tend to be social and ready to perform for an audience. Enjoy these wild beauties in their natural habitat!