There is plenty to do when you arrive at the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin, however it may be a so much so that it could be overwhelming. A vacation is about rest and relaxation, not about stressing on what to do next. Over the past few years, Destin has seen a decline in “partygoers” for Spring Break and has seen a shift towards families, so it’s only natural that Destin adapts to being more welcoming to families. Here are three family oriented things for you to check out on your next Destin vacation.


See The Dolphins

Majestic, wild pods of dolphins call Destin their home. They swim around and forage the waters when they aren’t showing off for passing boats. These both intelligent and friendly creatures are waiting for you to come and see them in their natural habitat, on a Destin dolphin cruise. You’ll sail around listening to beach tunes and relax in the comfortable Florida weather while dolphins wait just off of the side of the boat! Perfect cruise to tae young ones out on the water and to see dolphins in the wild.


Be A Pirate

Fun and adventure await travelers of all ages when they board the fearsome Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. The Buccaneer is the best and premier pirate cruise Destin has to offer! Perfect for a day out on the water with your kids, this pirate cruise will keep you and your young mateys entertained throughout the entirety of the voyage. From swabbing the decks to sword fights to water gun fights to bringing in real treasure, there’s never a dull moment on the Buccaneer! Be sure to dress up like a pirate and start brushing up on your pirate terminology!



There is more entertainment to be had in Destin through fishing. Fishing is one of the key components Destin is known for, hence how it got its name “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” There are many ways to enjoy fishing fishing in destin, but by far the most popular was are by fishing charters. If you are looking to stay closer to the shore, and have reasonable size catches that will not only put dinner on the table, but also provide excitement and lifelong memories for the youngsters in your party, then an inshore fishing Destin charters is what you are looking for. For those looking for a challenge and to really shake things up for the teens in your group, then going out for a deep sea fishing Destin charter should be in the works. You’ll not only have fun, but you’ll also catch dinner while you’re out on the waters!


Destin is truly a place for families, bring yours to Destin- the fun awaits!