Why Now is the Best Time to Take A Dolphin Cruise

//Why Now is the Best Time to Take A Dolphin Cruise

Why Now is the Best Time to Take A Dolphin Cruise

As the days get shorter, the nicer the weather becomes. As a lovely coastal town, Destin retains the beautiful weather that is generally enjoyed throughout summer as we slowly enter the fall season, minus a few degrees. This time of the year is the best time to watch dolphins and embark on a dolphin cruise for many reasons, check out why and get ready to book your dolphin cruise!


The weather is one of the bigger reasons why this time of year is the best time of year to take a dolphin cruise. As previously mentioned, the weather is still mainly sunny out, but Destin is starting to get a few degrees cooler than the hot summer heat. This few degree climate change is appreciated by both our passengers and the local dolphins. With the lower heat and lower humidity, our passengers are usually more comfortable during their dolphin cruise. The dolphins like the weather change too, as they come out and play more since the weather is cooling off. If you can imagine, they stay outside in the heat all summer long, so when the weather cools off, they take advantage of it!


There’s something about this time of year that really clears up the water! During these late summer months to early fall months, the emerald waters really clear up and are significantly easier to see the dolphins through. While we have no coral reefs to see through our glass bottom of our boat, standing on either decks of our ship still grant higher visibility during this time of the year.


As summer starts to fade away, Destin starts to see a decrease in the number of visitors as the school year starts back up again. This decrease in population in Destin allows for easier travel on the roads and more parking options available at the harbor, where you depart for our dolphin cruises.


The sun also goes down earlier during this time of year, so your evening dolphin cruise may even turn into a romantic sunset cruise.


There are plenty of reasons to sail during this time of year, and we look forward to sharing an afternoon or evening with you on one of our amazing and memorable dolphin cruises!

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