Brushing Up On Your Dolphin Trivia

With about forty known species living in waters all around the world, the dolphin is quite an amazing creature. Dolphins can be found in oceans all around the world, but most species of dolphins avoid the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. The highest population density of dolphins are between the tropics, however, dolphins aren’t only limited [...]

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Why Now is the Best Time to Take A Dolphin Cruise

As the days get shorter, the nicer the weather becomes. As a lovely coastal town, Destin retains the beautiful weather that is generally enjoyed throughout summer as we slowly enter the fall season, minus a few degrees. This time of the year is the best time to watch dolphins and embark on a dolphin cruise [...]

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Sail the Seas as a Fearsome Pirate

Pirates, as we commonly know them, existed over three hundred years ago. These ships were filled with individuals who were tired of seeing rulers like kings and queens grow ever richer, while they made enough to barely make due after risking their life to transport cargo. To show their resentment, these sailor turned villains often [...]

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Drug Free Vessel

We take pride in being a drug free vessel! Our captains and crew members are enrolled in a random drug testing program to ensure we have the cleanest and brightest individuals working with us and working with you. Our cruises are family-friendly, and we want to maintain that image with everyone who works with us, [...]

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Meet Our Sister Ship, the Buccaneer!

Did you know that we have a sister ship? We love our sister ship, the Buccaneer! A cruise on the Buccaneer is perfect for children to explore the seas and have fun. This beautiful boat is shaped and looks like a classic pirate ship, and the pirate crew knows how to have a good and [...]

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4th of July with the Southern Star

Come celebrate America’s independence with the Southern Star crew and the Destin Bottlenose dolphins! We are having a special 4th of July cruise, starting at 8:15pm and lasting until 9:45pm. You won’t get better seats on the Harbor for the Harborwalk Village’s 4th of July Fireworks! Reservations are required in advance for this cruise, and [...]

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New Parking Information

As the seasons change, so do policies and procedures. The Southern Star calls the Harborwalk Village’s docks her home, and this season, the Harborwalk has made the decision to charge its patrons for parking. While we have previously seen free parking at the Harborwalk Village, parking, as of June 15th, will cost $10 dollars per [...]

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Interesting Things to Know About Dolphins

If you love learning about dolphins, you are in the right place. Not only are dolphins kind and lovable creatures that many flock to just to see them, they are very intelligent and overall interesting creatures as well. Here are some more things that you should know about dolphins that are truly amazing facts about [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Sail on The Southern Star

Dolphins are simply amazing creatures. They are said to be some of the most friendliest and smartest creatures in the world aside from humans, with friendly gestures, approachable behavior, and large brains that even show signs of reasoning. We, at the Southern Star, love that we can get so close to dolphins and can experience [...]

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Learning About Other Dolphin Species

We’ve made numerous posts about our local dolphins, the Bottlenose Dolphin, but today, we would like to share some interesting facts about the other species of dolphins that can be found throughout the world. We see and hear about the Bottlenose Dolphin the most because they are the most likely to approach humans, they are [...]

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