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Destin Dolphins

Destin, Florida features an adundance of amazing marine life including the infamous bottlenose dolphins!  These adorable aquatic mammals love to swim up to the boat, play and flip around in the emerald green waters and show off their cute babies!  During your cruise, the captain will discuss many aspects of our dolphins!  Guests can learn their average size, where they live, their social and eating habits, migration and more!

Did you know the Southern Star has a 98% success rate of seeing dolphins?!?  That’s right! On the rare occasion that your cruise does not see dolphins, we will issue a standby raincheck ticket to your account automatically. A standby ticket allows us the opportunity to make it up to you, and you the opportunity to come aboard a cruise with available seats to ensure that you see dolphins, on us! Want to know when the best times are for seeing dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine life? Check out our FAQ page!