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Guide by Rebekah Permenter 


THE frequently asked question when visiting a new place is: what restaurant do you
recommend, where should we eat? Your vacation is so important, afterall, it’s the time you have
planned and saved for; why ruin a single day because of a bad meal or a bad experience? I
think we all can agree that a good meal is a core requirement for a vacation. You’re in a new
place, you want to experience new things, you want to indulge, you want to eat where the locals
eat, you want the “the hole in the wall”. So, here I am, ready to play tour guide and point you in
the direction to find a memorable meal while visiting our little slice of paradise.


1.) Breakfast: Crackings

a plate of food







Our Moms have told us our whole lives that breakfast is the MOST important meal of the
day, which is why the wait for a table after 10 AM at Crackings is insane. Apparently
people listened to their Moms. Crackings is consistently consistent, they always get it
right and make the first meal of the day just as important as Mom always said it should
be. Locally owned and operated, always greeted with a smile and the food is more
delicious than you’d ever expect. I can’t give this family enough praise on the breakfast
they push out of their kitchen. As a suggestion for your visit (if you’re on a breakfast
“foodie” journey) start with the Croisseignets and/or the Lobster Gouda Grits. Gordon
would give both of these appetizers a “chef kiss” – I just know it in my soul. From there,
move to your main course and enjoy the Huevos Rancheros; it’s savory, it’s filling, it’s a
bit spicy; IT’S THE BEST. Actually, call me. Let’s go together! I want to be on this
breakfast journey with you!


2.) Lunch: Local Market

a close up of a sign





I’m a sucker for a perfectly made BLT. Local Market knows how to do it and in my
sandwich book if you can NAIL a BLT I’m your customer for life, you have given me so
much faith in your menu. I am going back time after time to order something different
and see what your sandwich shop can really do. This is also a locally owned and
operated restaurant, they serve breakfast and lunch, and as good as their breakfast is –
lunch is where it’s really at. You might not be a BLT kind of customer, that’s okay! Local
Market has a large variety of lunch options including a veggie sub that will have you
questioning if you ever even needed a BLT in your life. In addition to the amazing menu,
there are locally made products available for purchase. I love it, keep it local and make it
sassy. That’s what Local Market does and they do it very well. Buy lunch, and then buy
some local honey or hot sauce. Take home a real souvenir, take home a taste of Destin.


3.) Dinner: Camille’s Crystal Beach

a plate of food






It’s quiet, it’s cute, it’s quaint. This has date night and good food vibes written all over it.

Surprise! Also, locally owned and operated. I know, I know. At this point it’s a theme.
However, a theme that should not be ignored. These local restaurant owners are
KILLING it. They are listening and giving the people what they WANT, it needs
to be acknowledged! Camille’s is a three punch restaurant, she really hits you with the
Southpaw in the last round, and we love her for that. A chef-inspired seafood menu, a
brick oven pizza selection AND fresh sushi? People, you can’t go wrong here if you try.

It’s hard for me to even give a suggestion on what to order. What are you in the mood
for? Yes. That’s the answer with this little “Hole-in-the-wall” spot that belongs to our
beautiful village. Order it all, whatever you put your eyes on when it comes to their menu
and you think: ‘hm, yes’, ORDER IT! I can promise you, there is no disappointment to be
found at Camille’s.


I sincerely hope this helps you find a meal or a moment your group will always look back on and
have fond memories to chat about. These places have been a part of some of my favorite
memories shared with my friends and family. I wish the same for you. In the effort to keep this
as short as possible I have trimmed my list down to three options but I would be a horrible tour
guide if I did not include a handful of other local spots I love: Kenny D’s, Harbor Tavern, The
Pancakery, BitterRoot, East Pass Coffee, Jackacudas, and La Famiglia. Visit all or just visit one,
whatever you decide, be sure to have a laugh over a good meal with the people you love while
on vacation.